Thursday, August 14, 2014

How to Heal Anything LIVE Presents: “Healing the Fear of Being Visible and Vulnerable; Anchoring in Courage and Safety”

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germ-59159_640During this advanced healing program, I will personally take you through advanced healing techniques to raise your vibration and clear the energetic pattern of being afraid of being Visible and Vulnerable that:

  • Keeps you clinging to situations, jobs and relationships out of fear of losing something rather than joy and alignment
  • Makes you feel helpless to change your situation no matter what you do
  • Interferes with your ability to think and see things clearly and make healthy choices
  • Can even lead to physical symptoms and illness

This advanced healing program is for you if:

  • You are ready to release the disempowering mindset of the past so you can be fully in the present with more clarity, courage and empowerment
  • You want to stop hiding out and avoiding being more visible as a way to dim your light, hide your unique gifts, and step into becoming the teacher, healer, leader, and light-bearer that you are
  • You want to feel courageous and focus on how many people you can serve and how accomplished you will feel when you focus on the amazing results they will have
  • Want to stop dwelling on the past feelings of being attacked or criticized and experience more SAFETY and COURAGE so you can find your voice and place in the world where you are valued and honored for your unique contributions

In this targeted advanced healing program, you will:

  • Learn how to set clear and powerful intentions so that your “attention” is on what you can do to move forward rather than focusing on the past (and therefore attracting) more of what you DON’T want to experience
  • Understand the hidden reasons WHY you may be secretly (and sometimes subconsciously) sabotaging yourself through holding onto old fears
  • Laser focus on the underlying pattern of Fear of being Visible that keeps popping up in many aspects of your life, and pull it out by the roots!
  • Listen to state of the art Vibrational Medicine attunements from high frequency alchemy crystal bowls that amplify intention and harmonize physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels for increased alignment and harmonious upliftment


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You can purchase the recording for just $97.