Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How to Heal Anything LIVE Presents: “Healing Resentment and Anger So You Can Release Past Hurts and Fully Embrace the Present Moment”

Video Recording – Watch Any Time at Your Convenience!

During this 90-minute pre-recorded video program, I will personally take you through advanced healing techniques to clear the energetic pattern of resentment and anger that keeps you holding on to past hurts, and blocks your ability to receive the gifts of the Present Moment. You will then be guided to anchor in the vibrations of Present, Gracious and Open.

Experience the sweet release so you can travel lighter and reclaim your ability to see situations and people from the clarity and awareness of the present moment, untainted by the unresolved emotions of the past. There is also normally a big bonus—when you are finally able to let go of painful emotions like anger, you will most likely feel incredibly energized as the holding takes a lot of energy that will now be available to you in new and wondrous ways.


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You can purchase the recording for just $97.