Thursday, August 14, 2014

How to Heal Anything LIVE Presents: “Healing Illness and Dis-Ease; Anchoring in Well-Being and Vitality”

Pre-Recorded, Watch at Your Own Convenience

During this 90-minute video program, I will personally take you through  advanced healing techniques to raise your vibration and clear the energetic pattern of illness and Dis-ease that:

  • Interferes with your ability to focus on anything much more than getting through the day and how to feel better
  • Makes you start to lose hope of ever feeling better and being able to do all the things you want to
  • Stresses your emotions and relationships as everyone close to you is impacted
  • Keeps you stuck in discomfort, pain and lack of energy, impacting your financial health as well

In this targeted Advanced Healing video program, you will:

  • Learn how to set clear and powerful intentions so that your “attention” is on what you can do to move forward rather than focusing on the past (and therefore attracting) more of what you DON’T want to experience
  • Understand the hidden reasons WHY you may be secretly (and sometimes subconsciously) sabotaging getting well
  • Laser focus on the underlying pattern of Dis-Ease that keeps popping up in many aspects of your life, and pull it out by the roots!
  • Listen to state of the art Vibrational Medicine attunements from high frequency alchemy crystal bowls that amplify intention and harmonize physical, mental emotional and spiritual levels for increased Well-Being and Vitality

This Healing program is for you if:

  • You are ready to release the disempowering mindset and the past so you can be fully in the present with more energy
  • You want to stop using illness as a way to hide your light, and move toward becoming the teacher, healer, leader, and light-bearer that you are
  • You wish to have more energy for activities, relationships and career goals
  • Want to stop resisting what is and enjoy more Acceptance, Detachment and self-empowerment so you can focus on accomplishing your BIG VISIONS and heart-felt dreams


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You can purchase the recording for just $97.