Thursday, August 14, 2014

How to Heal Anything LIVE Presents: “Healing Drama, Chaos and Crisis; Being Peace”

Pre-Recorded – Watch at Your Convenience!

Have you ever noticed how some people are always surrounded by chaos, and always seem to be in some sort of crises?

This is not just due to outer circumstances or a streak of “bad luck.” There is usually a deeper energetic pattern of addiction to drama that keeps showing up in situations in all aspects of life.

In this 90-minute pre-recorded video program, I will personally take you through advanced healing techniques to clear the energetic pattern and addiction to drama and chaos that:

  • sabotages your efforts to enjoy a more peaceful life
  • keeps you in crisis mode so you are always in reaction and playing catch up rather than feeling more commanding and certain and intentional
  • blocks your ability to focus on what is really important to you as you are always putting out “fires” .

In this Healing video, you will:

  • Learn how to set clear and powerful intentions so that your “attention” is on what you DO want to accomplish rather than focusing (and therefore attracting) more of what you DON’T want
  • Receive energy techniques that raise your frequency so you can easily release the stress and tension and enter higher states of awareness
  • Be guided step-by-step how to apply the Rays of Creation to clear the old patterns of crisis and drama at the causal level; and the anchor in the new vibrations of Equanimity, Ease, and Contentment.

This pre-recorded Healing program is for you if:

  • You are ready to get on with it and complete the projects and activities that are most important to you—and most impactful to the world
  • You want to stop hiding out and become the teacher, healer, leader, light-bearer that you are
  • You wish to have more rewarding and fulfilling personal growth and business success
  • Want to enjoy more Ease, Flow, Accomplishment and Peace


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